my head is breaking. i can feel that my nerves stretch from side to side. i do not know what to do. most of the time, i act like a child, and the other time, i act as a hermit. :s

this is the first post in my third blog. geez i hope i can continue writing in this blog.

i want to write, i wanna record everything that happen. those old good memories that for sure will not happen again. i love my friends, i love them more than i love myself.

the title of this post is “zombie”. why? because my thoughts aren’t organize, they are so fragmented. i just type whatever comes to my mind. geez i’m like a rotten bun in a corner that gets no attention. should i get some sleep? no! i already slept for eleven hours this day.

am i a monster?

haha. right now, i’m actually laughing at myself. maybe i should sleep now. :s

what do you think?


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