A man was sitting on the station and waiting for the bus to arrive. It’s the day of his interview for his first job. He’s really excited because it was like a dream come true for him. Thus, he wanted it to be the perfect one. His coat, tie, pants and everything was new-fangled. The night before the interview, he worked hard to practice and trained himself for the serious-technical to non-sense-disturbing questions. While he hum and listen to his favourite song on his iPod, he then noticed that the bus has finally arrived.

The time was exactly 8 : 00 and so it’s the rush hour. He looked and the driver nodded at him. The driver seems very nice, he thought. He sat on the only vacant seat at the second last row of the bus. He glanced at the man sitting beside him and then the man smiled back at him. He seems weird, he thought. The man dressed in all-black outfit. He has a hat, trench coat and shades—he must be a leader of a somewhat bloody gang? A malevolent spy? Or perhaps, a member of a mob? He still gave him a somewhat forced smile. The traffic was really heavy, but the man sit comfortably because knew this would happen, and so he woke up early and aimed to be on the office one hour earlier. Half an hour later, the traffic became so smooth and then suddenly, the bus stopped. It was because a traffic policeman popped somewhere and made conversation with the driver.

After a while, all the passengers began to ride off the bus, and so the man realized that the driver has no licensed and thus he, along with the others, needed to transfer to another bus. They waited for another bus but it took almost 40 minutes for them to get another one. The man began to feel uneasy and nervous. He tried to calm himself and listen to his iPod once more. As the bus turn left and right he grasps the pole with his hands. The iPod suddenly went empty and he then realized that he holds the pole using his two hands. .and where’s his bag? He felt the urge to shout but he did not so. He turns his head and tried to search for his bag. It would be impossible to attend the interview without the bag, he thought so. He must have been left it somewhere but it’s too late to turn his back and search for it at the station because he finally arrived to his destination.

His knees were trembling and he perspired a lot. He walked in the waiting room with nothing and then the door opened. He was shocked because he was told that his composition was excellent. He was perplexed at the moment and then, the interviewer showed the document that they have. And it was the document that he lost. In instant, he was congratulated and accepted at the job. He walked out of that room and saw the man in all-black outfit and he gave him smiled. He’s still the same person back inside the bus, but now it’s somewhat different. As he notices the white patch under the neck of the man, he uttered, “Thank you, father.”


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