mag on pie [magpie]

It was another tiring day. These past few weeks, there was nothing but work and examinations. Again, as a routine, I went back home from school; dropped my bag, open the laptop and browse my accounts in different social networking sites. I chatted with my friends for a couple of hours. I ate the dinner and returned to the laptop. Everyday seemed boring and not fun at all.

Damn, it was about 1 in the morning that I remembered about the paper that I needed to pass for the day itself. I searched for the information in the net and tried to put them all together. But it was so difficult because I feel so dizzy and I heard the grumble of my stomach. I stand up and get a cup of coffee. Good grief, there was a 3-in-1 pack of coffee left in the kitchen. I sat again and put down the mug on my table, I raised my arm, closed my eyes and stretch out for seconds. I checked my mail again to check whether my friend will help me do my paper. There was a new mail but unfortunately it was not from my friend. I opened it and saw a video. Out of curiosity, I played the video and a message flashed on my laptop’s screen. You will be happy if you see this. Enjoy 🙂

Then I notice that I am walking along the grubby and dim road. I hear my heavy patted breath, the sound of my footsteps and the thumps made by my heart. The ground is soft and light like a bubble; the wind feels cold and alive—it wraps my body and leaves me with the shivers.

I neither have the sense of time nor the knowledge of the place.  I just walk and after some time, continue to walk—as if my body follows some sort of instinct or the gravity is towards the end of the road. I needed to do something I told myself. But I cannot figure out what it is.

“Why are you walking alone?” It’s a bird flying beside me. “I don’t know, because I don’t have someone else that’s why I’m walking alone?” I replied. “I can go with you,” it said. I didn’t care about the black bird with white feather under its chest and a shade of blue in its wings. “Man, why don’t you walk here at the middle of road? Haha! Come here” the bird yelled to me. “Is it really necessary for you to laugh and shout? You can just tell me you know,” I said. “I noticed that you have a doubt, so I tried to cheer you up. Happiness can be courage you know?” What’s wrong with this bird, I ponder. Still, I continue to walk at the middle of the road and so the bird follows.

Though the mist blocks my eyesight, I notice the human forms in the right and in the left side of the road. I could see a little boy with a big hat that covers his eyes. And on the other side, a sluggish old man is sitting beside the wrecked tree. The road divides in two paths. The first is on the side of the boy and the second is on the right. “Which do you prefer?” asked by the bird. I suddenly feel perplex and unable to decide.

“You should go to this path, young man. In which you will feel the happiness in your childhood. If you want to be happy, then you should not treasure material things. Remember when you were still a child? Even a candy can give you happiness. You should focus on small things young man. Look at me, I’m happy and contented with myself,” said the boy.

What an unintelligent creäture you are child,” told the old man to the child. “Can’t you see? He is not a child anymore. And he will never go back in being a child. It’s your fault for not seeing the good things in life. It’s because you always have your eyes covered with your big hat. Don’t be idealistic, look at the reality. The world in which this young man lives has many opportunities and lots of good things. You should just do whatever you want. Go to this path and you shall pursue happiness,” blurted the old man.

“You should not use your eyes to view the things in your surroundings; you should feel it and it really works. Trust me. Without these things in life, you will crave for less and be contented with what you have.”

Oh come on! Life is too short to indulge himself to be contented. Look at him; he has a bright future, do everything that pleases you, grab every opportunity, and go to different places that satisfies you and do not restrain yourself from being contented.”

What do you think little bird?” I asked. “Let’s see, you can still have a happy childhood if you did not have, it’s never too late because there’s always someone who is older than you. Man should not pamper himself to lots of satisfaction, because it might eradicate you. And besides, happiness is a trail and not a place. If you want to be happy, so be,” answered the bird.

I see.” I said and nodded at the boy and at the old man. “Life is always wonderful. I shall make own path,” I told to the two and waved them good-bye.

I woke up in the front of my laptop. Geez, it’s already 6 in the morning. My coffee is already cold and my laptop is already dead empty.

I smiled and start my day.

~this composition is for iki. :p


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