what am i doing?

i just finished watching the video of Mrs. Winnie Monsod, an Econ professor here in University of the Philippines Diliman, and i must say, with no doubt, she just slapped my face with her fierce words.

what am i doing this 5 semesters? In my first year, my course was BA Communication Arts, then I transferred to Diliman campus, and because of this sickness that I have since grade two in elementary, I was damn to lazy to apply to the course that I really want, then ended where I am now. Being an undergraduate in B Library and Information Science. But still determined not to graduate from UP under the BLLIS college. Next school semester, I’m gonna take Lingguistic. I already gave up my dream from being a graduate of Business Administration because of my idiot brain who knows nothing about numbers. Yes I am so idiot. It pains me when I sit come to my Trigonometry class and then the professor will say something to those student who always fail and is very laid back. Damn, if only i could raise my hand and reply that it hurts so much and can you please stop it now? But no, I don’t have courage to do that.

Mrs. Monsod speech to her last class in Econ 100.1 made realized how fool am I in the University.

Hearing those words, how i wish I could turn back the time and start it all over again, but NO. I should not thinking of those wishful thoughts. I only have 5 semesters to fulfill my college life.

what am i doing this time? nothing, just sitting and watching the great show–the show where I can see the greatness of my school. The honor and excellence I always see during exams.

Oh god. I must be damn idiot.


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