honor and excellence

i made a post last time. and i’m sorry because my mind was so crazy and not organize. so i forgot to post the video. haha. here is the video so you guys can witness how great this professor is.

next semester, i’m gonna join her class. 🙂


btw. her name is Prof. Winnie Monsod, a very well respected economist here in the Philippines. And i feel so honored to see her as one of the brilliant professor in my University :))

  1. Maoy! gusto ko yung sense of humor niya. Iilan na lang kaya yung mga taong ganyan; ung nagpapatawa pero may sense. She really loves Philippines.

    Tas inulat ko pa talaga ito:

    “you are in a position to be part of the solution of this country’s problem not part of the problem.”

    “you do not have to cheat, cheating in the small things is going to lead to chaeting in the large things.”

    “i cannot do everything but I can do something.”

    “slap slap slap” 😀

    “gago ba kayo?”

    -kaso yung iba siyempre hindi lang naman sarili nila iniisip nila. pati ung pamilya nila, kaya sila pumupunta abroad.

    yun lang po mrs.monsod 🙂

    Sana lahat ng tao ganyan ka open minded. 🙂

  2. berber said:

    kaya carole kapag yumaman ka.. kkkk uwi ka dito wa sa pinas. sama sama tayo nila vieme na gumimik with our own cars. KKKKK

    haha. hindi naman malayong mangyari diba?

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