10 months have passed. wow. let’s see if i can still keep this blog. well i do have another blog, but it’s a tumblog. i actually don’t consider tumblr as a BLOG. just a place to post pictures and to expose your fangirlism. well if you are obsessed for a thing or to someone.

that’s my opinion. no offense meant intended guys. okay?

let’s have some update.

1. i’m back to school. i’m a student again :p

2. i still don’t have a major in university, but it’s better now i think since i know what i really want in my life

3. i returned in being so so so much poorer. haha! but it’s okay. it’s hard. but it’s okay.

4. i want to believe i am more mature now than i used to be. 😀

5. and and, i am really positive to have my work in the market (SOON)

i’ll write something to read tomorrow. i think i’ll just post my short story tomorrow. good night!




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