so you went to this page to get to know me better huh. well, i cannot promise you that you will know me as i am, cause the information available here are just the “mights” of the author.

things that can make ber smile 🙂

1. ber is a serious extremist. able to sleep all day-slash-able to wake all day. excellent hours of sleep. (it means 9+ hours, but 7-8 is still acceptable, in such cases).

2. she can eat. yes a lot, but not always. oftentimes, it solely depends on the mood. luscious foods (black chocolate, ice cream, rice+condensed milk/carabao milk, manga/avocado+ice+powdered milk, fresh greenies, mountain dew/cold water, chicharon/lechon, tomato catsup and of course, pizzas and some pastas), are often the choices of comfort food.

3. loads of great movies are ++ too. (great means horror haha! especially Asian horror, but psychological and independent films are also included).

4. pay-day. LOL who does not like that?

5. books to read. though not a full-time bookworm.


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