so i have lived a normal life for almost three years without my phone. it’s either my sister let me borrow hers or my mother’s. (okay, it’s not really normal but i can survived without the use of the phone) maybe it’ll be weird to others, but the only thing that changed was that my social circle grew narrower. and i lost communication and contacts. some of my friends are now just acquaintance to me. but things will change starting from now. because my brother bought me a new cellphone.

i couldn’t believe it at first since this is the very first time he bought me something. well i think this phone will be my ticket back to the normal world. 🙂

oops! i hope not to lose this in the near future


WARNING: the contents in this post might be too selfish. :p

that night was unbearable. I could not convince myself to sleep. I’m just lying there, looking at the ceiling and hugging the pillow beside me. after some time, I decided to listen to some music while trying to get some sleep. I noticed a star through the window. the star was so small and the light that comes from it was so weak that I cannot barely see it. I imagine myself at the room and HIM is the star. XD

I am inside s somewhat large dome or theater. lots of people in their glamorous dress passes me by. It feels like I’m one of them, I feel like I am one of the famous and important person–it feels great 😀 😀 then after a moment, I began to see familiar faces and voices.  waa~~I’m not alone, I know them, and yes i know them very well.

I began to realize that there is a concert/press con/tour of the band XXXX (sorry for my selfishness I cannot mention his name hehe). I suddenly feel panic! my adrenalin pumped like it never pumped before. whoa. I saw HIM! (i cannot mention his name again). I hurriedly run to him and he smiled at me and reach his hand to mine. and yes! I feel the softness of his hand (I’m in cloud nine!!). I try to ask for some picture-taking saying that it would only take the 2 seconds of his life, and he say NO! (damn) but I still insist and I just blurt that it would only take 1.3 seconds of his life (yes I admit it. I feel so desperate >_<). and then I feel heaven’s scent (not the cologne one haha) he smiled and then he say YES. he guide me to an empty seat and we did the picture-taking there. and as a typical fans do, I smell my hand and the scent of his hand lingers!

touching others' hand creates electricity and reaction from the person's hormones

touching others' hand creates electricity and reaction from the person's hormones

ehem! that was too good to be true. haha. it will never happen. HIM smiling at me across the theater. damn. when I woke up. my heart is still throbbing. It was fast and my hand that he shook from my unbelievable dream–it was so numb from reality because I can still feel his hand touching mine.

May 29, 2010

when I woke up, I sent him a message saying .. thanks for making my day unbelievably awesome. :p