it’s been almost 1oo days since i stop conducting lessons in Rarejob. Well, things happen–shit happens.

i’m thinking of another part-time job. i was very happy when i got accepted at Rarejob last year. i was so excited and felt a bit independent cause now, i’ll be able to buy things for myself using my money. i manage my time and have my decision. yeah i felt really happy 🙂 🙂

then i met my students and even friends. yeah friends 😀 i won’t write your names here, they already know who they are. but now, i don’t know if they can still remember me. i’m just an ordinary tutor nothing “extraordinary” haha. i even commit mistakes and sometimes, i talk nonsensical things. there were times, i felt that i’m so immature talking to grown-ups on Skype. but indeed every lesson was a great experience. i miss some of my students whom i really like but they don’t like me haha. ironical.

i learned a lot. and i want to say thank you. thank you very much. *teary-eyed*

i think i’ll to stop being a “rarejobber.” yeah, i’ll try my luck to other part-time jobs out there.

–tutor ber.

P.S. to my students whose reading this now. well, out of nothing i made this story. it’s just a JOKE! haha 😀 see you 🙂 🙂 hope we’ll be able to talk some time in the near future.


i shed tears again cause i’m stupid,

i lost a friend again cause i suck.


people change~~

life too, especially if you share it with me.

i hope it’s still not too late.