10 months have passed. wow. let’s see if i can still keep this blog. well i do have another blog, but it’s a tumblog. i actually don’t consider tumblr as a BLOG. just a place to post pictures and to expose your fangirlism. well if you are obsessed for a thing or to someone.

that’s my opinion. no offense meant intended guys. okay?

let’s have some update.

1. i’m back to school. i’m a student again :p

2. i still don’t have a major in university, but it’s better now i think since i know what i really want in my life

3. i returned in being so so so much poorer. haha! but it’s okay. it’s hard. but it’s okay.

4. i want to believe i am more mature now than i used to be. 😀

5. and and, i am really positive to have my work in the market (SOON)

i’ll write something to read tomorrow. i think i’ll just post my short story tomorrow. good night!




i made a post last time. and i’m sorry because my mind was so crazy and not organize. so i forgot to post the video. haha. here is the video so you guys can witness how great this professor is.

next semester, i’m gonna join her class. 🙂


btw. her name is Prof. Winnie Monsod, a very well respected economist here in the Philippines. And i feel so honored to see her as one of the brilliant professor in my University :))

today i’ll write something serious.

it will be my first time to vote for the national election. i feel kind of scared and at the same time excited. lots of news-might-lead-to-failure-of-election  aired by media every night and every day. seems like it would be 49 rate of being successful and 51 would be failure (in the perspective of the negative Filipinos, at least). but the power of positivism never fails. three days more and i need to be more mature and responsible enough for the next 6 years of the Philippines.

i will sure vote.  god bless my homeland.

this month of February up until now, i experienced “nosebleed” for 3-4 times. is this because of the weather [damn hottt]. But this time, more blood came out of my nose. i’m just lying in the bed then i suddenly i coughed, blood spurted out of my hand. it’s the first time that blood actually came out.

must be the heat?


1:51 p.m.

i should return to my normal life now. [so last week was my abnormal life? huh?] now, i should sleep at least seven hours a day, i should study, at least 2 hours a day [at home], i should eat at least 4 times a day. [haha]. but most important, i should read again. i must read again.

recently, my brain is not working very well. hmmm maybe because for the past few weeks, i rarely sleep, i did not eat anything [just mountain dews, snacks and sodas. .eew].

so for the next week and the week after that [and so on], my life will undergo a rehabilitation.

my body is craving for that. geez i hope i did not catch ulcer and such. haha :p

oops! another thing. i missed RareJob and my friends out there. hehe. i must teach again 😀

11:16 p.m.

it’s all thanks to RB (hehe) he reminded me that i have a blog. and i really appreciate that he read it :).

my blog is not really very emotional (emo). so it reminded me of my poem.

you are the mainspring of noxious.

you seemed an imp,

for the first time that i glanced at you.

you procured him from my arms.

you taught him to do erroneous things.

you led him to your damn. you turned him just like you

–a belial.

because you took him,

now he left me

all alone in the midst of anxiety.

doubt whether i will

continue to live or not.

he enjoyed being with you.

i saw him smiled

–that killed me

i heard him laugh

–that disabled me

the picture of him keeps me hunting through the dark night.

–that keeps me awake.

he did not pay attention on me anymore.

i tried everything just for him to come back


but then again,

he (you) realized

how conceited i was.

he tried to approach me but,

it was too late

–like a dying person

–he’s gone already.

you are the one who caused everything.

you are the root he was the fruit,

for the agony that i bore.

now, death is seeking for me

it was less like taking

one’s life than allowing it to be taken.

one just stop living–that was all.

we are all dying

i am just closer to it.

but after all,

he used to be mine.

the title of this poem is PERPETUAL BANE (haha i wrote it when i was still in high school, nung bitter pa hehe.)

thanks to RB, i remembered that day :D.