it’s been almost 1oo days since i stop conducting lessons in Rarejob. Well, things happen–shit happens.

i’m thinking of another part-time job. i was very happy when i got accepted at Rarejob last year. i was so excited and felt a bit independent cause now, i’ll be able to buy things for myself using my money. i manage my time and have my decision. yeah i felt really happy 🙂 🙂

then i met my students and even friends. yeah friends 😀 i won’t write your names here, they already know who they are. but now, i don’t know if they can still remember me. i’m just an ordinary tutor nothing “extraordinary” haha. i even commit mistakes and sometimes, i talk nonsensical things. there were times, i felt that i’m so immature talking to grown-ups on Skype. but indeed every lesson was a great experience. i miss some of my students whom i really like but they don’t like me haha. ironical.

i learned a lot. and i want to say thank you. thank you very much. *teary-eyed*

i think i’ll to stop being a “rarejobber.” yeah, i’ll try my luck to other part-time jobs out there.

–tutor ber.

P.S. to my students whose reading this now. well, out of nothing i made this story. it’s just a JOKE! haha 😀 see you 🙂 🙂 hope we’ll be able to talk some time in the near future.


seven days from now the Philippines will change–i hope so.

in accordance to what will happen seven days from now, i made my wish list and i will address this list to anyone whose in concern.

1. there will be no more traffic especially in Katipunan 🙂

2. jeepneys should also be available with air conditioner not only in Makati but also in the other parts of the Philippines.

3. student’s fare policy should not be limited to Monday-Friday only (weekdays) but also even weekends (hello, we’re still students during that time hehe :p )

4. student’s allowance should adapt to current Philippine economic status (in short, i demand an additional amount for my allowance 😀 ).

5. a ______, _________, and ________ again *grin smile*

6. professors should be much kinder to our generation (it’s really hard to graduate on time 😦 you know)

7. the list goes on (..along side with my other “wants” in life..)

look at my list it’s too selfish again haha. so let’s change it a bit.

1. i’ll just wake up early to avoid the traffic build up 🙂

2. i’ll just use fan/readings/etc. to make myself cool and in good temper 🙂

3. i’ll try to decrease the number of my “lakwatsa” day especially on weekends (so i’ll try to do some gala pa rin but during weekdays so that i can still have that student’s fare)–konyo??

4. i’ll try to save and avoid temptations (it’s soo hard 😦 )

5. i’ll work again and improve my time management (seriously i’ll work again)

6. i’ll really try my best to study sooo hard (hard as stone haha)

7. (haha it’s secret)

there you go,  Philippines will have her new president officially next week (June 30, 2010) or shall i say new leaders. so i will try to make some changes. in the end, the wish list goes under my responsibility, and if i succeed, (and i hope other Filipinos will also do some changes) perhaps my country will do better then. 🙂

the secret to perfection is in the details–credits to my Prof. Juanico “KAIZEN” 🙂

today i’ll write something serious.

it will be my first time to vote for the national election. i feel kind of scared and at the same time excited. lots of news-might-lead-to-failure-of-election  aired by media every night and every day. seems like it would be 49 rate of being successful and 51 would be failure (in the perspective of the negative Filipinos, at least). but the power of positivism never fails. three days more and i need to be more mature and responsible enough for the next 6 years of the Philippines.

i will sure vote.  god bless my homeland.

my head is breaking. i can feel that my nerves stretch from side to side. i do not know what to do. most of the time, i act like a child, and the other time, i act as a hermit. :s

this is the first post in my third blog. geez i hope i can continue writing in this blog.

i want to write, i wanna record everything that happen. those old good memories that for sure will not happen again. i love my friends, i love them more than i love myself.

the title of this post is “zombie”. why? because my thoughts aren’t organize, they are so fragmented. i just type whatever comes to my mind. geez i’m like a rotten bun in a corner that gets no attention. should i get some sleep? no! i already slept for eleven hours this day.

am i a monster?

haha. right now, i’m actually laughing at myself. maybe i should sleep now. :s

what do you think?